Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Renovation Update 2010

Awesome : Finally picking out carpet for Alannah's room, and booking it's installation - yay for progress!

So this is Lana's room in it's current needs to be emptied and then we can paint - we've got Dulux 'Raspberry Cream' for the wall with the window in it, and then our warm white for the other walls. Carpet is going in any day from next Wednesday to Friday, so we have a deadline...always a good way to get motivated and get things done!

Here are a few more shots of rooms in their current states...

Our kitchen - nearly done. Roh's just been fixing up the plastering around the power points which now need to be repainted, the window still needs second coat of enamel and just one end panel needs to go on, on the above head cupboards. It's very functional though, so it makes life a lot easier now.

Jude's room is pretty much done. All that's left to do is put on the BIR doors, and fit off the ceiling light. Jude's room has been livable since mid December, which is when the carpet went in. The carpet is called 'Blue Strike' and it's a sisal stripe carpet in natural and a dark blue - quite subtle in a big piece, and I think it looks really good. The kids are sleeping in here now.

And here are a couple of shots of our new shiny floors, although they aren't quite this shiny any more :-P

More reno shots will be ready next week, fingers crossed, when Alannah's room is painted and carpeted.

Happy Wednesday xx

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vita said...

The house looks really nice now, Kel. Love the red kitchen.