Thursday, April 19, 2007

Week 15 - My Parents

Well, really, this subject was pretty easy for me because I have absolutely fantastic parents....and I know how lucky I am too. And fortunately Danielle had taken a few photos of them when they were over a couple of weeks this is a very recent photo. Aren't they gorgeous?? So cute :-)

I had a very happy childhood - and it wasn't always easy for my parents either. And I think I appreciate that so much more now that I am a parent myself.

But as my card says, my parents are ever encouraging, ever supportive, fun to hang out with, they always have open hearts, arms and their house is always open to us for visits, or even longer stays. And of course, they are extremely loving and generous. **Hi Mum & Dad - Love you both lots xx**

For these cards I used : Doodlebug Paper Frill (white - on the bottom edge so you can't actually see it in these images :-P), Urban Lily Rub-on, CherryArte Cosmic Energy Die Cut Tag and Heidi Swapp Flower Centre.

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Charmane said...

CUTE card - and yes you are very lucky... thanks for the chat tonight!!! Catch up soon Love charmane

Je@net said...

What a great card and indeed a very cute picture!!

Paula said...

Great card. Love the photo.

Deborah said...

Love your card, what a great photo :)

Nae said...

Wow what a great photo. I wish i could get some recent ones of my parents together. Dad totally hates photos lol. Mum doesnt care much for them either because now she knows they will end up in a scrapbook album lol. Wonderful card well done.
Love Always,
Nae xoxoxo

Nat said...

Wonderful card!

Liz said...

I am loving your cards Kelly. You are so lucky to have such fab parents. That photo looks great and you have scrapped it well on the card.