Friday, April 27, 2007


Ok, so I have been tagged by two people this week - Charmane and Danielle - so here goes....

7 random facts about me :

1 - I love reference & idea books - I have quite a large collection of Interior Design/Decorating, Colour Matching, Home Projects, Parenting, Scrapbooking and Cooking books, all that sit in my bookshelf to look nice :-P. I do pull them out to read sometimes LOL

2 - I am a nervous flyer. You wouldn't be able to tell that by looking at me while flying but inwardly my stomach is twisting in knots and my head is talking lots of nonsense that freaks me out. I'm my own worst enemy!

3 - I met my hubby when I was 16 but he dated one of my friends! We didn't get together until I was 19.

4 - My CD collection is a bizarre mix of genres - Pop (Jeremy Jordan -ok, yes, I admit it LOL, No Doubt), dance (Moby, Dee-Lite), folk/blues (John Butler Trio, The Waifs), rock (Live, Lenny Kravtiz), jazz (Harry Connick Jnr, Jamie Cullum), alternative rock (Stone Temple Pilots, Something for Kate), easy listening (Michael Buble, Kate Cebrano) and maybe an R&B title in there somewhere too. And a few of my current favs are Pete Murray, Missy Higgins and The Killers.

5 - I once had my foot run over by a car tyre. And I still have a scar on my ankle from the burn I got.

6 - My husband and I had a different name picked out for our daughter Alannah, but because we couldn't completely agree, we scrapped it and started with a fresh name. I wanted "Charlize" and Roh wanted "Charlotte" both so we could call her "Charli" for short, and the middle name was going to be "Arwen". I still love that name, but I love "Alannah Juliet" too :-)

7 - I LOVE Tasmania, especially Hobart. If it wasn't for family and work, Roh and I would move there. We went there on our honeymoon, and again two years later, and we just love, LOVE, love it!

Well, that was tricky, and I hope not too boring for you LOL!

Off to Kiwiscraps tomorrow morning - can't wait. Today though, Roh and I are off to Adam and Cath's wedding in Williamstown (my boss & friend). Should be a fantastic day - hope the rain stays away though. Gonna take lots of photos.

Have a good one xx


karenday said...

i think EVERYONE has had this tag!!!

Liz said...

Oh Kelly so sorry I missed saying to you HAVE A GREAT TIME AT KIWISCRAPS you lucky girl.

Can't wait to hear all about it and see the photos and layouts and projects you create while you are there.

See you soon Kelly.