Friday, May 14, 2010

My Creative Space..

So I'm a little late with my space this week, my first week back since having Levi but I was determined to take part as I have got a couple of projects on the go.

I've been playing around with my crochet, and have started making flowers..I think they could become addictive! I have an idea in my head using these crocheted things, but will have to see whether the real thing lives up to the image in my head..

And I finally got my sewing machine out again. I have multiple projects cut out and ready to go, so I really need to get this machine pumping :-P

With this cold and rainy weather in Melbourne, it does make it a bit easier to stay inside, keeping warm and crafting/creating in various ways.

Head over to Kirsty's blog to check out more creative spaces...


Cass said...

super cute chickie! I see an esty shop waiting to be started! Love ya C x

michelle said...

congratulations, he is so gorgeous. and look at you, crafting and posting. just don't start decorating the baby with crochet flowers

Simona said...

I love the stuff you make. Especially the flowers caught my eye. I once saw beautiful crochet flowers similar to the one you made. Some of them had long strings to wrap around hair or around the head. I'm going to look for the pictures I have and let you know when I find them. I could see you wearing them on your next photo shoot :)