Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lana's New PJ's

Today I finished Lana's new pj's. The pants were done last week, and tonight I finished the matching top - Lana was quite excited, which was sweet. And they fit!! Yay!!

My little girl model got a little serious when I asked to take her pic...he he..

Now even though they fit, and look fine, I think I need to get some tips on sewing with stretchy's a little tricky to get it sitting flat and right...(Mum, Mum...are you there? lol)

Jude is now awaiting on his finished pj's...might get those tips first though!


Anonymous said...

What a cool pj, Kel. You did great. As for tips, first of all, make sure you use needle for strech material. I prefer using overlocker to sew strech knit. But if you have none, try to use a zigzag stitch instead of straight on your machine. Set the width & tension of the machine, so that it looks almost like a straight stitch. I usually use (width 2 & tension 3). Do a practise run first.

A walking foot put on standard sewing machine will help reduce the puckering. But if you don't have any, just go slow & steady. Don't pull the material. Feed it to the machine gently as the machine stitch it.

Hope this helps.

Fern @ CraftBlog said...

They look awesome.

Wish I had some tips for you, one of my crafty resolutions this year was to sew more with knits and stretch fabrics, but I hate sewing with them for all the reasons you mentioned.

Sylvia said...

yeah, vita is right. a serger is best for stretchy jersey material. but the special needle combined with a light zigzag stitch will work as well. i just noticed my sewing machine as an overlock stitch, i wanted to try it out soon, maybe your's has one too?