Friday, May 01, 2009

Our S.A. trip

Ok, so I'm pretty slack with the updating. Here are a few photos from our trip to S.A over Easter.
On Easter Friday we headed out for the day with Dad and Mum to Victor Harbour & Granite Island. They had the little fairground going so the kids got spoilt by their grandparents and went on a few rides and sideshows.
Jude picked the fishing.. While Lana went with the clowns...

They both went on this car/train thingy, with Jude sitting in the front, steering away...

while Lana reminds me of a queen, sitting in the back of an open car,

Then they both went in this car ride together, with Lana doing the steering, and doing it really well too - no crashes!

After Victor Harbour, Dad drove us to the Murray Mouth for a spot of fishing, as Jude had been asking. And that lasted all of about....hmm....10 minutes before Jude had had

Beautiful day though, and lovely spot. The kids had a ball getting wet.

The kids also had their first experience of wearing 3D glasses - funny things - while watching "Journey to the Centre of the Earth"

So we did get up to some other things. I have some strawberry picking photos to edit and upload. We also did lots of things that weren't photographed, and one thing where I wanted to photograph but my camera battery died as I went to take the first photo - terrible!
But definitely have a few photos to scrap, just have to find some space to :-P
Will be back with some more photos soon - lots to share - house, swimming, SA photos..
K xx

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