Thursday, May 14, 2009

House Update

Ok, so roof's on, gables are nearly finished, windows are here but not yet in (except for the bi-fold window - it's in, but not painted), weatherboards have arrived, but again not up. Roh has an RDO tomorrow, so am hoping some wall goes up over the weekend. All is good - al fresco dining is a daily possum invaders are also a regular evening adventure - much to the frustration of Roh, and the delight of the kids!

Here are a few shots, from the last few weeks :

From the back of the house :

I've also ordered this decal for our front door. I've ordered it in black, and I think I'm just going to use the 'welcome' part of it. I like the friendly font. It's from an etsy shop called 'Vinylfruit'.

I also want to get a real graphic, clean-lined font sticker for our house number, which I plan to put above this 'welcome' note on our front door - just got to convince Roh :-P

Actually might have some scrapping to share next update, as had a fun, girly, scrap night last weekend and actually got some scrapping done, for a change (I usually just shuffle paper and drink

Enjoy your day!

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