Monday, April 14, 2008

Pink, Pink, Pink

Pink - it seems to be a bit of a theme for me today.

Here is a layout that I finished on the weekend, using new Sassafras Lass Sunshine Lollipop papers - did I tell you how much I'm loving the new Sass Lass products? Well, I am having fun with them, that's for sure! I love these photos that Dan took of my sis-in-law Reeze and Alannah. These two have such a special bond and these photos really capture that.

The other bit of pink in my world today is Pink Paislee - it's finally here - yay!! It arrived on my doorstep today and I have only, just in the last five minutes, finished uploading it to Kiti Q. It is gorgeous. Here are a few tastes of what they offer.

I had another fun parcel arrive today - my new, much desired Spencer & Rutherford handbag that I won off of ebay - at a great price. It is gorgeous and I will share a piccie tomorrow. I must admit that I am a bag and shoes kinda girl and this bag is just beautiful.

Have a great night!

K xx

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Michelle Macdonald said...

I love "close", it is absolutely beautiful....such a tender moment and such fab photos. Hey the layout is pretty fab too!!! Those colours are so pretty ... love the pink rainbow thingy.