Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Lace Cardstock - Available Now

The new KI Lace Cardstock is in store now...some designs have limited stock due to sales at Crop For Kids yesterday - but they are all fabulous!

Crop for Kids was a lot of fun. It was such a hot day, but it was still a great one. I got to catch up with heaps of friends, met some new friends and got to put some faces to some online buddies too. Love these events, for this reason in particular. And hopefully we made a lot of money for the Royal Childrens Hospital. The aim this year was to raise $10000, so I'm sure we'll hear soon how close to that goal we got.

Now I've got to catch up on all the housework I ignored while prepping for :-P

Enjoy your Sunday!


Jorja said...

This new Lace Cardstock is just gorgeous....I bought a few at Crop For Kids....haven't used it yet but I do intend on cutting it soon...It was so nice meeting you in person Kelly....Cheers Jorja

Felicity said...

Wasn't it such a fun day yesterday. The hall was a fantastic except for the lack of air con. See ya for coffee hopefully this week ;)

Charmane said...

YEP I have some to use as well!!! And what a FAB day it was!!! I LOVED it! Hopefully catch up soon for more of a chat!!!

Love Charmane