Monday, February 26, 2007

Update - News, Layouts & Everyday Stuff

Well, first of all, I've a couple of things to share. One is my 1,2,3 cybercrop challenge that I just finished this morning, entitled "Click". I so wanted to do this photo with the word "Smiwle" in it, cos that is Lana's thing when she has a camera - wondering around asking everyone to "smiwle" and it's just so cute :-) Definitely something I would want to be able to remember in years to come. The other little thing is my first attempt at the Deck of Me Mini Art Journal, inspired by Emily Falconbridge's blog. This card is in response to the prompt "A symbol you love", and who doesn't love the kiss symbol, as it represents so much. This was week 4's prompt, and I'm a bit behind but oh well. I'm sure I'll catch up. The blog is up to week 8 now, so I'm not too far behind, plus they are only little canvases. Such a gorgeous little project though :-)

Some exciting news for me too - over the last week I've had 3 layouts picked up by For Keeps - Feel the Sun, Sweet Miracle and Just Falling Asleep. I think they will be in Issue 55, but I'm not 100% sure, he he. Oh well.

On the home front, we had a huge skip delivered on Friday, which we shared with our neighbour, so all the rubbish, and extra bits of building materials, and just general junk was tossed, and the house is looking a lot better for it. I've still got to finish the kitchen, although I did head off to Spotlight yesterday and picked up a blind for one of the windows (I did manage a sneak through the scrapbooking section too...but I wasn't too naughty). Today I've got to finish off my hubby's BAS - yuck - I hate bookwork! But I did leave it to the last minute...silly me. The kids are at their grandparents so hopefully I'll be able to fly through it, without interruption.

And with that, I should probably go now..and actually do that. Have a fab week!

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Julie said...

Love the layout and the card Kelly. Great as usual.