Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Finally....I scrap

It feels like I haven't had a chance to scrap for ages...so last night I decided to sit down and create, and this is what I came up with. My inspiration was from Crafting In Style's ongoing challenge, and my challenge was to use lots of bling, vellum and no chipboard. At first the no chipboard thing felt a bit daunting..but A HA I have plastic alphabets and they were a lifesaver. I'm quite happy with how it turned out, and it will be perfect for my BOM.

Now, for other news...the garage sale was a success. We sold some stuff, as did Danielle and then whatever was left over went to a local op shop. Then Sunday Rohan and I rearranged our living space which is still looking like chaos but we'll get there. The kitchen is getting closer to being finished - yay! And this weekend we are going halves with our neighbours for a massive skip, so the outside should look a lot neater but that means another very busy weekend.

Jude has learnt the cutest word - 'mine' and he points to himself and says it over and over and over again..even when you repeat it back to him he just keeps on going. It's very cute. And Alannah had a sleep-over at Uncle Nath's and Aunty Reeze's which she always loves, and they always manage to tire her out so she's out like a light now.

Now I've got work tomorrow and then a couple of days at home, I hope. I'm such a home-body, and I'm just itching to just hang out at home and play with the kids. Anyway, this is just the mundane things of life.

Oh, and another exciting thing is that Kiti Q is going to the Melbourne Crop For Kids on Good Friday, which raises money for the Royal Childrens Hospital so if anybody is interested in going, please check out the blog in my sidebar. It would be fab to see you there!

Have a great night! :-)

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Julie said...

love that page kelly it looks awesome.

Glad that the sale went well.