Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Loving Levi

is easy. Just look at this cuteness...

Levi is now 4 months and here's a few things about him...
* He has more than doubled his birth weight, now weighing 7.2kgs
* He is still waking twice at night for feeds (am working on this!)
* He loves playing on the floor with his toy mobile
* He snuggles fleecy blankets when he's tired
* He loves to chat
* He had rice cereal for the first time yesterday, after recommendations from the MHN, and loved it.
* He still has all his hair, and he has a chin dimple like me!
* Everyone is still completely besotted by him, even when he's grumpy :-P



Teresa said...

You're right babe, loving Levi is easy, but then how could we resist? He is gorgeous, sweet, adorable, cute and utterly perfect.

Besotted? Definitely!!! =O)

sylvia said...

Oh Kell, he's adorable! Love that he has so much hair, Spencer only has a little fluff ;-)
Love how chubby he is, are you still nursing? And I'm totally with you with the nightly feedings, Spence wakes up at least twice every night... but I guess being cute makes them hungry!

Bron @ Baby Space said...

Aww, gorgeous!