Sunday, November 01, 2009

Creative Crochet

I am quite new at this whole crochet thing, but I feel I've got the granny square sorted now, which is great. And maybe it's time for me to challenge myself a bit. Recently I've been coming across some absolutely wonderful crochet designs and patterns that I can't wait to try. Some very cute, some super creative and some just plain fantastic.

Time to share :

First up, my darling friend Cass bought me this seriously funky book, which I only problem being - what pattern should I try first?? :-P
Star Wars - Heroes of the Rebellion - how awesome :-P
Melvin the Snail - adorable :-)
Fishbones - How odd and so cute.

I came across this darling Miss Strawberry on Mel Goodsell's blog, made by Salihan Crafts and just had to get the pattern. I'm picturing it in hot pink, with an aqua flower, and pea green leaves - perfect for a certain little girl's new bedroom. I really want to give this one a try when we are in Merimbula, in a couple of weeks. Plus I'll have on hand, my super talented sis-n-law Reeze to help, if I get stuck :-P

Babette blankets - love them! Images taken from here, here and here.

Happy Sunday!

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