Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Up to this...

Family Bathroom...almost tiled

Fully tiled and the white tiles have been grouted. The pebble feature has yet to be grouted in this pic, but it is done (will have to take another photo :-p)

Ensuite - Feature wall of tiles in shower nook, matching sized white tiles for the rest. Ensuite is two thirds tiled.
Ensuite - Roh tiling...caught by surprise.

The kitchen area..and our mosaic tiles, which I just LOVE! Here's the overview...

Close up of stove top and tiled splashback...

New sink and tile splashback :-)

New tap - Milli design

At the moment the sink and tap are just looking pretty, not yet having been connected up, but it wont be long.
In other exciting news (well, in my world) we bought a new fridge which is being delivered on Friday - a Samsung, platinum, side-by-side with ice/water dispenser. This is the first ever new fridge I've bought, so can't wait to get it.
Also, I've picked up the paint for the kitchen - the red is called 'Firefly' by Wattyl, and the white is called 'Pale Mushroom' by Haymes and I'm itching to start painting. Not quite ready for it today, but soon, I'm told - yay!


Cass said...

looking good babe! The brown tiles in your ensuite were the ones I wanted for the feature in the spec house, but I lost that battle! Can't wait to see the finished house. C x

vita said...

Oooh, your house looks nice now.

Marissa said...

Looking FANTASTIC Kelly! I can't wait to see the finished product... You and Roh have done extremly well - STILL can't believe you've been living there whilst doing the whole reno's!