Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More House Pics

Lots of little things are being accomplished at the moment, along with some big things too. Here is my study/craft nook which is just offside of the kitchen. It was only framed in and plastered over this last week, as it made it easier to get plasterboard into the other rooms without those walls there. I'm very happy with it though - it's a great size and when planned out right, will fit my hobbies as well as the usual paperwork stuff in there nicely. I would really like to do something interesting on that main wall but not sure what yet - wallpaper? decal? funky paint colour? stripes? Hmmm....

On Monday, Roh had his RDO so he framed in the wall of the stairwell, the downstairs part. Our new stairs should be ready for pick up by the end of the week which will be great. I think the rumpus room is getting plastered this weekend, and then the stairs can go in.

This is the view from our front door - this is where most of our kitchen will be - it's a U-Shape kitchen and the bench/cupboards on the left hand side start at the same level as the little wall so it does go out a little wider than this picture.

And here is our kitchen. Roh picked it all up on Monday too and has already assembled 7 or 8 of the cupboards. I think there must be a mark on my camera lense as that big white dot on the charcoal board isn't actually (note to self - clean camera lense!) I can't wait to see this installed :-) A real kitchen at last! (well, soon :-P)

Cornice is being delivered today, and we finally decided on our kitchen tile splashback (mini mosaics) and our ensuite tiles (which was an on-going saga of it's own) and they will be delivered next week. Roh has the last week of August off, so fingers crossed a lot of work gets done that week.
Take care x

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Michelle Macdonald said...

I can't wait to see the finished product! I do like the idea of a craft space with have a funky colour...but then again wallpaper would be nice! I bet you cant wait to decorate and actually have a kitchen.