Friday, July 31, 2009

July 2009 - House Update

Ok, so lots has been going on with the house, in the month of July, along with the exciting arrival of Cedar, and also having my parents and nan stay with us...yep, I said 'stay with us' was the next best thing to camping apparently ;-P

Anyhow, this post is all about the house..don't say you weren't warned....:-)

Here is our beautiful Spotted Gum timber flooring delivery - all piled up neatly, ready to be laid.

Here is some of the timber flooring laid - I must say that I just LOVE this timber - the various colours all randomly placed, in my opinion, looks fantastic!

Next up, our plasterboard was delivered. To say it's been chaotic inside is an understatement, but the piles are slowly diminishing each weekend. And the dust...oh my goodness

And at the end of last weekend, this is what the interior looked like. Our living area has nearly all the plaster up...

Jude and Alannah's rooms have the plaster up, as does the stair well, and part of the hallway.

And here are our two little helpers (on their terms, of course :-P), but it's great for them to be involved too.

August is looking like being another crazy month, but so many things are happening. This week I picked up the main bathroom wall tiles - a simple white gloss ceramic tile 30cmX60cm, as well as a dark grey pebble strip feature about 15cm wide. Next Tuesday our kitchen/laundry/bathroom floor tiles are being delivered and we can pick up our new kitchen - yay! And within two weeks our stairs will be ready for pick up too. It's going to be great when the kitchen and stairs go in - it will be like a real house - woo hoo!!!
Now, to pick paint, fun!

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