Monday, June 15, 2009

House Update - Nearly Locked Up - Yay!

So, even since I took these photos on Saturday, more work has happened and now the super large window has been installed and the weatherboards put up around it, which means we are no longer living in just a framework - woo hoo! Just in time for the really cold weather too.

Will head down the hill and take another photo of the new large window soon, and update in the next week.

But for now, here are some pictures of our house, which I think is coming along very nicely :-)

And, just for a laugh, here is the inside of the house, and as you can see, my 'kitchen' like camping! And the big window was sitting here while I painted it, and is now in the space pictured next picture down.

Ok, so I really need to do something creative to share, but I just actually haven't done anything - haven't had the time nor motivation with the things going on with the house - there seems to be always something to paint (which is me - painter-girl :-P). Would love to give the 123 Blog challenge a go, so we'll see what happens this week.
Oh, and Alannah has another wobbly tooth.


Sylvia said...

Looks great Kelly! Happy for you you got this far. And that new handle/door lock of yours is way cool :))

Bec said...

WOW! Your place is looking fantastic - you guys are doing an amazing job :D

Felicity said...

Kelly your house looks amazing. Woow what an amazing transformation.