Sunday, February 01, 2009

Beautiful San Remo

We have had a fantastic weekend. We were invited down to stay with friends in San Remo early yesterday, so headed that way at lunch time and it is such a beautiful place. Here are some pics from our weekend :

Roh & Lana cuddling up in the hammock :

Jude in the sand :

Last night's sunset - view from the house we were staying at :

The San Remo Pelicans :

The 4 kids were fascinated with the pelicans :

Jacqui, Lana and Chris walking on the pier :

We got back in Melbourne late this afternoon, and what a difference in temperature - my goodness. Wish we were back at the beach :-P

Exciting day tomorrow though - Lana starts school. Will post 'first day' photos soon.

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