Sunday, September 14, 2008

Action on the home front - yay!!

Yesterday while I was at a work training session, my hubby and his brother were busy destroying my side garden - all with my approval :-P - to make a path for the excavator to come in and do our screw pile stumps in a few weeks, for our extension. The path is half done - woo is a piccie..

As you can see, we live on the top of a hill, which is why we've had so many problems getting our planning, and then building permit, but it looks like we will be getting the building permit this week - another yay! In my excitement, I even picked up some paint swatches..yeah, I know, I'm slightly premature in my thinking but hey, it's fun!

Here are a couple of random shots of the kids having scooter races in our front courtyard. They had a ball.

I finally got my sub copy of the new For Keeps Creative Paper, of which I have an article in, as well as the elite team project. Here's one of my layouts from the article :

And here's a photo of the mini album I made for the baby feature :

I was really happy with the way the mini album turned out - LOVE, love, LOVE the Cosmo Cricket Blackboard mini album - so easy & fun to use. This was the 'Jack' album.

Ok, well that was a long post for me :-P but full of pictures so hopefully not too long to read!

Have a great Sunday :-)


Michelle Macdonald said...

I love excavation work! fantastic! your kids are SO cute. Hey I love your layouts in the mag and that album is Oh So cute.

Scrapsister said...

LOve your stuff in this issue...just gorgeous.