Friday, January 11, 2008

This Week...

Has been a normal week, except I haven't scrapped - not at all! he he.....quite bizarre really.

Today Rohan and I celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary, so we are heading out for dinner tonight. And in May we celebrate 10 years of being together, and this is so exciting, we are going to Tasmania for a long weekend - ALONE! I am so looking forward to having some real quality time with my hubby. We love Tassie, and have friends moving there as we speak, so we'll catch up with them and just do the touristy thing - wine tasting, hiking, markets - all that fun stuff. And how lucky are we - Mum and Dad and Danielle & Ben paid for our flights as a pressie - I feel so spoilt! And the kids are going to stay with their grandparents and Auntie Dan and family, so they'll have fun too.

What else...hmmm...I joined the Tony Ferguson weightloss program last week and had my first weigh in yesterday - and I lost 2.3 kgs - woo hoo!! That is great motivation to stick with it, seeing results, but realistically I know the numbers wont be so big from now on, but as long as I keep losing, I don't mind really.

The heat in Melbourne at the moment is stifling. It was only forecast to get down to 30 last night - yuck! So I'm sure everyone is hanging out for this afternoon's cool change.

The new For Keeps annual edition is out now, with all the winning entries for the Awards for Excellence as well as our Elite team entries. Here is one of my favourites out of my entry - all about our house with potential...LOL :

Ok, that's about it for me. Oh - Crop for Kids tickets are selling now - will post details later but if you are super keen, click on the link in the sidebar to find out more.

Take care xx


charm said...

Congrats on 6 years of marriage!!! and YAY for your holiday to Tassie too!!! lucky duck!!!

Also on your weight loss that is FANTASTIC!!!

Your layout is very COOL too - of course!!!

Love ya

Sylvia said...

Congrats Kelly and Rohan! Have a fantastic day!
Hugs, Sylvia

nikala said...

Hi Kelly,
Have a wonderful time in Tassie and all the best with the weight loss.

Felicity said...

Happy Anniversary Kelly,

What a wonderful pressie from your family. I love Tassie too could pack up and move down there without a second thought. Keep up the great work on TF.