Thursday, September 27, 2007

While Jude is asleep...

I thought I might update my blog. Lana is playing quietly by herself, which is a rarity and Jude is down for his afternoon nap. I've just put on some Portishead favourites to listen to, and have just finished scanning through the latest For Keeps - got my subscription copy today - yay! This month I have 3 layouts in there :

The last one is of Sylvia (and her hubby Jeff), a friend in Germany, and obviously her wedding day - Danielle went to Germany and did the photography. Didn't Sylvia look beautiful! - just stunning, I thought, and I loved this photo, so had a play. (I'll be posting this off to you soon Sylvia!! with the mag too xx)

Hmm, it's still quiet so I might go and scrap for a little while....if I can find my desk...LOL


Sylvia said...

Oh Kelly this layout is gorgeous! So happy the photo inspired you. Take care!! Sylvia

Sarah said...

I got the mag the other day and your layouts are awesome Kell,well done xx

Pip Prosser said...

Love your layouts Kelly ... lots of eye candy.

Jodie said...

hello :)
just found your blog from searing for you, your pages are soo awesome, i totally love the ones in the mag.
very cool.