Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Quick Update

I know I've been a terrible blogger & scrapper lately with not much to share, so this is just a quick update :

* Have been hectically busy this week in preparation for Saturday's Scrap'n'Chat with Bon's Scraps. It should be a great day, just takes a bit of work to prep all the products, and organise the other things.

* The new CherryArte paper ranges and rub-ons arrived on Monday - yay! Very bright and cheery.

* Yesterday after work, I just walked into my local hairdresser and asked her to cut my hair off, so now it sits just above my shoulders and I'm happy to have a fresh look, cos I was getting a bit tired of the long hair :-P. (will hopefully have a photo to share after the weekend - hint, hint Dan LOL)

* I FINALLY asked my boss if I could cut my days down to one day per week (doing payroll at a recruitment firm) and he said 'yes' - yay! So as of August, I'll be spending one less day away from my kids and home.

* My hubby Roh has done something to his back, and has only been able to work sporadically over the last couple of weeks - not good :-(

* Just got a copy of the latest Scrapbook Creations mag, and way to go Dan - you are all over this issue! So fantastic. Oh, and I have a layout in there too - my first one published in Scrap Creations.

* Alannah & Jude are well, growing into more mischievious monkeys as every day passes LOL

Ok, think that's about it...oh wait

* Went to the movies on Tuesday night with my fab friend Kate, and we saw "Transformers" and it is such a COOL movie! Loved it!

Ok, that's definitely it now. Have a great Thursday!


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Sylvia said...

Loved to read your updates Kelly! Can't wait to see your new hairstyle :) Hugs, Sylvia