Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Aarrgghhh - An Evaluation

For those of you who don't know, my hubby and I are renovating a hills cottage in The Dandenong Ranges, in Victoria. Well, things are moving very slowly due to engineers, incorrect soil test reports and just other fun council stuff. Finally, it seems, after a year of having the renovation plans drawn up, things seem to be moving.
So today, we have our house evaluation. Fingers are crossed - hoping that they value it high enough to get the money we need without Lenders Mortgage Insurance - I'm actually a bit pessimistic that we'll get the value we want, but oh well. We'll see. But anyway, I've been madly cleaning inside while hubby tidied up outside. No matter what we do, it does look like a bit of a building site in our drive, but we are renovating - what can you do?

So that's at 10am.

At least the house is spotless, so today I can scrap - always got to look on the bright side :-)

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phatassphairy said...

we have been trying to get work done on our house for over a year now ...i think it is a small town thingy .......i am starting to give up ...we have the money approved from the bank ...but we can't get anyone to do the job,,,,we want a new kitchen , bathroom, fence, painting (inside and out) built ins and new flor coverings good luck with your reno ....i hope all is smooth sailing for you